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The recycling program for the rug industry

How it works

Your pathway to a sustainable future starts here with just 3 easy steps!

Recycling collection dates are between 2-10 days of booking.

Once you book your pick-up or drop off, we will be in touch to arrange a secure date.

Rugs can be cumbersome to dispose of due to the weights, shapes and sizes.

We are so pleased that rug retailers and importers are encouraging customers to dispose of their unwanted rugs and samples through the TRAKS program.


Unfortunately landfill has become culturally acceptable - but as we all know at a great cost to our planet. This decade is The Decade of Do!

how to recycle rugs australia

Join our mission to keep furnishings out of landfill

If you have a rug that you would like to send from a state outside of Victoria or New South Wales?
Contact us and we will let you know what is possible!


Bins or pick ups for of a variety of rug offcuts can be ordered via our email


Please see the guide on bin sizes in our FAQ's


Interior designers, architects, builders and councils can book a recycling bin or pick up for offcuts and a multitude of rugs via email

Book Your Rug Recycling

How do I know what my rug weighs?

  • Rugs that are 20kgs and under tend to be able to be picked up quite easily by one person and are usually less than 2m x 2m, depending on composition

  • Rugs that weigh between 21kgs and 50kgs usually requires 2 people to pick up and larger and is a pretty standard 2m x 3m rug

  • Rugs that are between 51kgs and 70kgs tend to need be professionally placed and moved. Sizes can vary

We ask that all rugs are vacuumed and checked for any contaminations. Wherever possible please fold or roll your rugs for easier transportation


Up to 20kgs

$60 incl GST

Freight calculated at order placement


21 - 50 kgs 

$150 incl GST

Freight calculated at order placement


51 - 70 kgs

$210 incl GST

Freight calculated at order placement

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