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textile recycling melbourne australia
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We recycle your off-cuts and unwanted furnishing textiles.

furnishing & textile recycling australia

Join our mission to keep furnishings out of landfill

textile recycling near me


To date we are unable to take residential furnishings which include curtains, cushion covers and other soft furnishings.

When we can commit to the recycling of residential furnishings we will let you know.

However rug recycling is still available for the residential market.

textile recycling near me


Manufacturers are able to order a range of bin sizes to have on site, that are collected as the bins are filled.

We process and weigh the textiles, letting you know how many kilograms your company has kept out of landfill.

commercial textile recycling & rug recycling


The interiors and building industry can book pick ups to make sure that unwanted textiles and rugs are recycled and do not end up in landfill.


This scheduling supports green credentials for design firms.

The do's and don'ts of furnishing recycling for industry.

do's & don'ts of furnishing recycling

Currently the furnishing program is only offered to businesses.

If you are a council please get in touch.

If you are not sure of that a certain material can be recycled please email us

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