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textile and rug recycling australia

Join the growing community
who have committed to keeping furnishing textiles and rugs out of landfill

The brands owners that are on this sustainable journey with us

recycle rugs near me

The recycling program for furnishing textiles and rugs

Become a consumer that takes responsibility for the disposal of their unwanted furnishings!

How does TRAKS recycle my textiles?

Unwanted rugs and textiles are collected and sent to the TRAKS depots

TRAKS sort rugs and textiles by fibre, composition and colour to ensure they are fit for repurpose

Textiles are cleaned, shredded and spun into recycled yarn

TRAKS is working on a variety of pathways to make furnishing textiles circular locally and abroad

shredded recycled rugs

“Armadillo is encouraging and incentivising our customers to rethink the end-of-life cycle of unwanted goods and encourage thoughtful disposal of their rugs”.

Sally Pottharst, Co-Founder

“By joining TRAKS, we are not only helping to forge a viable resource recovery pathway for our own unwanted materials but setting up these important recycling routes for the entire textile industry to follow.”

Andrew Mills, Managing Director, James Dunlop Group

“Our responsibility doesn’t stop at the creation and production.

This program is forming reassurance we are moving in the right direction, seizing every opportunity we can to reduce waste”

Tina Richards, Director,
Tribe Home

furnishing & textile recycling australia
TRAKS is not a spelling mistake

TRAKS is a partnership between Textile Recyclers Australia (TRA) and Karie Soehardi (KS) from Circular Design Thinking to educate manufacturers, companies and consumers on the importance to removing furnishing textiles and rugs from landfill.


By recycling unwanted textiles and creating recycled yarn, textiles become an asset in the circular economy and the shift of a take, make, dispose culture to reuse, recycle, upcycle takes precedent.

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