The Recycling Program For Rugs

Recycle and reuse.
Join our mission to keep rugs and furnishing textiles out of landfill sustainably and efficiently.

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Partnering with rug brand owners, fabric houses, manufacturers, retailers, importers and the general public to keep rugs out of landfill.

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Tracking towards a circular economy

Australians generate for landfill


of textile waste per year,


every 10 minutes, rug by rug rate

It’s a big numbers game, but your contribution counts. Together we can make a difference.

Product Stewardship Government
Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, Trevor Evans

How it works

Your pathway to a sustainable future starts here, it’s as simple as 1-2–3.
Recycling estimated dates are between 2 – 10 days of booking.
Once you book your pick-up/drop off, we will be in touch within 48 hours to arrange a secure date.
Thank you for being a part of the change.

Step 1

Roll them up!

You can recycle as many old rugs as you like.

If your rug isn’t rolled up yet, please give it a quick vacuum so it’s clean enough for processing.

Step 2

Register and pay to keep your old rug out of landfill.

We can pick up as many rugs as you like. Simply book by approximate sizes and quantity.

The more you have, the less it is to recycle.

Step 3

Check your text messages for updates.

If you have chosen for your rug to be picked up, please place it on the kerbside on the confirmation date.

If dropping at our depot, again please arrive on the confirmed date and make sure you have your receipt number.


By choosing to recycle your rug, you are keeping textiles out of landfill. This means an unwanted rug can be repurposed into recycled yarns for furnishings.

Thank you for being a part of the change.

As the program evolves, TRAKS will update you with TONNES of textiles kept out of landfill and latest updates.

It is important to note that TRAKS does not add to developing countries landfill.

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More About Traks

Furnishings Textile Recycling Programs

TRAKS, is a partnership between Textile Recyclers Australia and Karie Soehardi Consultancy, the program keeps textile waste out of landfill by transforming unwanted rugs into yarns that can be used to create new furnishings.

To date there hasn’t been commercial recycling capabilities for rugs in Australia. As a result, unwanted textiles are commonly incinerated or thrown into landfill.

The launch of the program is with industry brand owners who have committed to being responsible for not only their products ‘end of life cycle’ but for industry’s unwanted rugs and furnishings. The support from these brands is invaluable and we are grateful for their innovative thinking and drive to make these programs succeed. #communitynotcompetition

In stage one collections or drop offs are only available in Sydney and Melbourne.

Textiles will be sorted and documented for:

  • fibres and weaves
  • fit for repurpose
  • shredding
  • contamination and disposal

Logistic capabilities and obstacles will be documented and reviewed as the program matures to help support easy pathways for industry to recycle.

Bi-annually analysis and reporting on:

  • frequency
  • freight and human resources needed
  • logistics and transportation
  • cost of process
  • outcomes and learnings

Pilot Partners